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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  May 2, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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attack. after days of testimony today, one of the brothers takes the stand. and the suspect tells the judge, the teen attacked first. wjz is live at the mitchell courthouse. weijia jiang has more from the defense's star witness. >> that would be elia hue werdesheim. then we heard closing arguments. both sides agree that was a neighborhood watch gone terribly song. but both sides also say they are the victims. >> reporter: 24-year-old eliayahu werdesheim has never denied hitting 16-year-old cory osbee but has always sad -- said it was in self-defense. >> it's going as planned. and we look forward to wrapping up the trial today. >> reporter: werdesheim says in november 2010, he and his 22- year-old brother, avi, were responding to a call for shomrim, an orthodox jewish watch group. he admits admits to following osbee, who was on foot, in his
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car. he acknowledges peering into homes and vehicles. >> reporter: he then told asbee, you -- osbee. you don't belong here. you belong in school. that's when osbee got upset and retrieved a wooden plank. werdesheim said he tried to get out of the car, to try to calm osbee down. referring to his unique negotiating skills as a soldier for the israeli forces. but werdesheim said osbee charged at him with a stick. he said, quote, he was on me, very, very quickly. i had no time to think. i pulled down has left hand and hit him with my right hand, which still had my shomrim radio in it, end quote. >> i think he's lying, clearly. >> reporter: community activists say prossecurity believe he targeted osbee and pushed him to the ground and beat him. >> it frustrate noose me that
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people who are associated with shomrim have given an entirely different story. >> reporter: avi werdesheim did not testify. and last week, osbee refused to testify. so the judge will have to make a decision since there is nodecision. she says she'll have adition by tomorrow afternoon. >> all right. thank you very much, weijia. the defense chose not to have a jury rule in this case. a howard county man is arrested in connection with two robberies. >> reporter: police say the suspect used a blood-filled syringe to rob a pharmacy in an ellicott city cvs. investigators say benjamin blessing threatened the farmer with the syringe. he got away with $27,000 worth of medication. police are now testing that blood in the syringe to see if it contains any diseases. blessing is also charged with trying to rob a woman and her 4- year-old child at an atm in columbia. the attempted attack was caught on tape, back in october.
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police say blessing threatened the mother and child with what appeared to be a taser. blessing was identified as a suspect in both incidents through surveillance video. >> he is being held on $170,000 bond. she is the voice behind the controversial robocall on election night in 2010. and now she is the star witness in the case against her boss. political consultant, julius henson. derek valcourt has more on what rhonda russell said in court today. derek? >> reporter: well, she told the jury that she was following orders from her boss, when she recorded that robocall. but unlike henson, she has immunity, in exchange for her testimony. >> reporter: it was rhonda russell's voice, heard by thousands of registered democrats, in a 2010 election night robocall, suggesting that democratic governor martin o'malley was winning ask there was no need to go vote. >> we're okay, relax. >> reporter: russell said the
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call was said to be a form of reverse psychology, meant to inspire votes for ehrlich. >> that's what was the motivation by my boss, julius henson. and that's what we're sticking to. >> reporter: but prosecutors say it did not contain the legally required tag line, identifying it was paid for by the ehrlich campaign. on the stand, russell arc knowledged the robocall needed the tag line. but said, i asked mr. henson. and mr. henson told me the client didn't want the tag line. speaking to wjz, henson also blamed the ehrlich campaign. >> i told them to put the tag on it. they refused. i sent the tag to someone else to get a second look. they still refused. so why am i responsible for a decision that was moot a -- not mine to make. >> reporter: russell was forced to repeat that she felt the ehrlich's campaign was malicious. >> reporter: henson could
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possibly testify in his own defense. but prosecutors are still calling their witnesses as they try to prove that henson and ehrlich's campaign manager conspired to commit election fraud. we're live at the courthouse, derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> ehrlich's campaign manager, paul schurick, has already been sentenced to home detention and community service for his role in the scandal. a new york city plan -- man's remains are recovered. police say gaines is from upstate new york and vanished last month, while visiting ocean city with his family. police are waiting for the results of an autopsy to determine how he died. a maryland man is charged with intentionally setting an apartment complex on fire. fierce flames in chevy chase, caused more than 1 million in damage. left more than 100 people without homes and injured two firefighters. investigators say 24-year-old abraham keeflet confessed but
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his motives are unclear. he was living at the complex. dr. ben carson is internationally known for his skill as a neurosurgeon and his inspiring life story. but his position on evolution is drawing fire for some, where he will give the commencement address. wjz is live at johns hopkins. >> reporter: dr. carson is deeply religious. he is not an advocate of evolution. and that sparked a class discussion, which led several professors to write a strongly- worrieded letter. >> reporter: world-renowned johns hopkins neurosurgeon, dr. ben carson, is under fire by several professors at emory university, where he's scheduled to give the commencement address. they wrote this letter after learning carson does not believe in evolution. calling it deeply concerning that he connects the belief of echlution with lack of morality. and that he stands against many
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of the ideals of this university. >> dr. carson was a childhood hero of mine. still is a hero of mine. what worried me the most was the fact that he said if you do accept evolution, that you're somehow ethically lacking. >> you have a theory in which you put your faith. and i have a theory in which i place my faith. >> reporter: the professors sea this is no protest, -- say this is no protest. and they still want carson to speak at the commencement. they say they simply want to draw attention to dr. carson's stance. >> i credit my university with being open to and engaging in these conversations. because it's in not having those conversations that can lead to many dangerous kinds of situations and politics. and beyond that we see in our country today. >> god has given us plenty of evidence of who he is. >> reporter: about 500 students, teachers and alumni, have signed the professor's letter, in support. >> reporter: and a hopkins spokeswoman told us today that
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dr. carson was busy and so far has been unavailable for comment. reporting live at hopkins hospital. mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> all right. thank you, mike. and dr. carson will also receive an honorary degree from emery during the graduation. it is a mild, dreary day. you can see an overcast sky is looming over the region. the sun has been trying to poke through. will the clouds move out any time soon? let's find out. meteorologist tim williams is out of outside. but first, let's check inside with bob turk. tracking thunderstorms in washington. extreme western frederick county. weather service just issued a severe thunderstorm warning until 6:45 for those areas am we'll take a quick look in that region now. one of these cells did produce small hail and gusty winds. there you see it. right over portions of western frederick county. and a little southern washington county. between williams port and middletown, there you go. one cell there. and one cell across the potomac, just to the east of martinsburg. if you're out in that region,
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you might experience gusty winds. and maybe dangerous lightning. and even small hail, with these particular cells. just two of them. don't think they'll make it much past the mountains. as it's much cooler here in the eastern section of maryland. to the west, much warmer. hagerstown. cumberland now recovered up to 86 degrees. 67. only 62 now. 56, elkton. and only 54, ocean city. temperatures right now, are running 18 degrees cooler than yesterday at this hour. 23 degrees cooler up in elkton. and 28 degrees cooler in ocean city. tim in the outback with a look at what we'll expect here on thursday. tim? >> we expect much of the same pattern. a little unsettled going into the day. but we do expect to see the temperatures going up just a little. of course, the day in the 60s, much of that contributed to the cloud cover. but we do expect to see a little sun tomorrow. but the very warm air is going to start making a run into the
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mid-atlantic. that warm air has been responsible for temperature ntsz the 80s down to our south and southwest. and that is going to start to eventually drift into our region. by the mits to the end of the week. middle to the end of the week, which really is. we expect temperatures in the mid-80s for that time. bob will have the complete updated first warning forecast coming up of. a high-rise, tightrope walker, who doesn't use safety nets, has his sights sets on baltimore city. sky eye chopper 13 is live over the inner harbor. wouldn't be this high. it's a good view of the harbor. a daredevil will tempt fate one week from tonight. and wjz is live on the ground. jessica kartalija is live with this high-flying stunt. >> that's exactly right. if you were up for chopper 13, it would be a little more hairy than what he is attempting to do. but still, nick walinda says he will walk right over the water, in the inner harbor. >> reporter: he comes from a long line of extraordinary stunt performers.
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now, nick walinda, a 7th generation member of the flying walinda family, wants to shock charm city, with another incredible stunt. where he will literally walk over the inner harbor. >> big circle. >> reporter: walinda's tightrope walk will start here at the brand new site of the ripley's believe it or not auditorium. >> and will end in a crane 300 feet from the water. he will do it without wearing a safety harness, or without a net. and he'll be 100 feet above the water. >> i think it's awesome. i'm glad like daredevil the are making a comeback. evel knievel is when you're a kid. and you don't see it too much anymore. >> i'm stoked. >> when it comes to hair- raising stunts, you know what we're talking about. >> i guess if we're making puns. >> reporter: walinda's walk on may 9th, comes just one month before he plans to cross a tightrope over on niagara falls. >> i remember going, i'd like to be the first person ever to
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do that. >> reporter: walinda says he isn't worried about falling into the harbor here in baltimore, which has been considered unsafe for swimming. >> it's exciting. different. other cities do stuff like this. so why shouldn't we? >> and again, he says he isn't too nervous. he also isn't too nervous to walk across niagara falls. but we have to mention, several of his family members, the flying walindas, have died, while performing. live at the inner harbor, i'm jessica kartalija, wjz eyewitness news. >> well, the inner harbor, niagara falls. i'd start with the inner harbor, too. >> me, too. >> the walk should take 15 to 20 minutes. it is scheduled to start, 5:15, may 9th. if you can't be there, i'm sure we will be. >> he will walk on the water. two people have done that. >> uh-huh. still to come on wjz eyewitness news. criminally charged. a drum major dies after a hazing incident. now his bandmates are arrested.
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we'll have late-breaking details. remembering yeardley love. the local lacrosse community comes together for the one love foundation. i'm mary bubala. that's just ahead. recreation centers on the chopping block. why the city says they have to go. >> reporter: i'm gigi barnett at city hall. that story is coming up. and your first warning weather forecast is also coming right up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's cloudy and 62 degrees in central maryland right now. the complete first warning weather forecast is coming up. the general assembly may be less than two weeks away from returning to annapolis. that's because they talk to the leaders and house and senate today. it appears they are close to agreeing to terms of income tax increases. >> the great divide between the senate and the house on an income tax packet set a doomsday budget in motion, that would require $512 million in cuts. today, governor o'malley appears close to bridging that gap after meeting with senate leaders today. >> we're going to shake hands. >> and he meets with house leaders tomorrow. >> i think hopefully we're moving in the right direction. >> reporter: he believes things are on track for a consensus. >> we're still talking. we know what the challenge is. >> the original senate plan raises income taxes on everybody who makes more than $300,000 a year. the original puts a sliding tax
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increase on those who make more than $100,000. it ended before a vote. >> the question is, how do you solve the deficit? do it two ways. cuts and revenue. we're going to make it happen. okay. >> i think things are progressing along. and hopefully we'll have it all resolved by tomorrow afternoon. and they set a date. >> the target date is the week of may 14th. expect to see all of these seats filled for two to three more days. i'm pat warren, reporting from annapolis, now back to you on tv hill. >> the governor is expected to call another special session on expanded gambling later this summer. evidence from the george huguely murder trial is going on public display in a charlottesville courtroom. the former lacrosse player is convicted of second-degree murder. the display will include a tape of huguely's interrogation by police, but will not include
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autopsy photographs. the evidence will be shown may 15th and 16th. and tomorrow marks two years since love was killed in her off-campus apartment. now, those close to her are trying to honor and remember the slain sports star. mare sein the newsroom with more on that. >> reporter: the local lacrosse community is raising money for the one love foundation group. in memory of the native. >> reporter: the lacrosse team took on the high school alma mater, notre dame prep. but it was built around sportsmanship, something yeardley love's parents said she stood for. >> she was an avid spoartszsman. no matter from the bench or the field, she was always a team player and always positive. >> reporter: erin now works at the schools. so she brought the two together for a special fundraiser for the one love foundation. students sold clothing and other items. the fowrngz promotes
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sportsmanship and service. >> she speaks to the heart of what lacrosse is all about. so we want to honor her. and her family. >> she was a positive person. and always doing the best and seeing the best in people. we want to spread that around. and try to instill that in young adults. and the youth in -- youth in the local and national area. >> last night's fundraiser brought in $100,000 for the one love foundation. george huguely is scheduled to be sentenced august 2nd. kevin walsh ofertown, was arrested which charged with misconduct after allegedly punching a police officer. walsh was arrested on similar charges while dressed as frosty during a holiday parade. >> okay. couple of thunderstorms to the west of us. one strong one near brunswick in frederick county. we'll take a look at that. take a look at temps.
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62. with the winds off the ocean at 13. the barometer rising. we'll come and take a look at that storm and the rest of the week after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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around here, pretty quiet. cool, actually ocean air to the west. thunderstorm activity in one or two cells have developed over frederick and washington county. that have prompted a severe thunderstorm warning. take a look at radar.
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just to the southwest of frederick. that one, just approaching brunswick now. that's where the cell is. could be hail. gusty winds. and dangerous lightning. the other cell, a little to the north there. right on route 40. west of middletown. south of i-70. not quite as strong. but that's moving toward the frederick area. this cell moving right toward brunswick. if you're in southwestern portions of frederick county, that may approach your region very, very shortly. gusty winds. and maybe hail, penny or even dime-sized hail as we reported in some of those cells. the rest of the region, very, very quiet. really not much going on. except for that one or two cells out over portions of frederick and washington county. that warning will be expiring at 6:45. temperature-wise, look how warm it is out to the west. 86 in cumberland. 72 in hagerstown. they've dropped because of the rain activity. 67, d.c. they have been dropping to
6:24 pm
about 74. 62 here. 54. you can see the impact of this cool, ocean breezes. just to the west of the potomac river. much, much warmer conditions. that's helping develop the cell to the west of us. 63 in kent island. up in bel air, only 61. westminster, only a bit of sunshine. they're up to 68. east winds here. to the west of us, it's a west wind. that's one of the reasons they have that warmer air out there. we should get into some of that warmer air tomorrow. if we do, we'll have a risk of widely scattered showers and storms tomorrow. this morning, the rain moves off quickly. in fact, only had traces there. to the west of us, warmer sun. we'll see scattered storms. looks like the chance of those storms will continue at least into friday. maybe early saturday. then it will clear out. it gets dryer and more pleasant for the second half of the weekend. five knots. bay temp, around 60 degrees. so tonight, yeah, showers and storms, mainly to the southwest
6:25 pm
of us. 58 by morning. not going to drop a whole lot more. close to 80 tomorrow. if we get that sun, it will get that warm. otherwise, staying in the upper 70s. and we'll get some scattered showers. and maybe a couple of thunderstorms developing tomorrow afternoon as well. >> okay. thank you, bob. several community rec centers are set to close for good this summer. it's a plan that will make room for more state of the art rec centers. but as gigi barnett reports, residents fear the closures will leave children out in the streets. >> reporter: alex nicholson remembers when the park view recreation center was the life of her north baltimore community. >> we had a ceramics class. someone teaching ceramics. we had a lot going on. but it done faded out. >> reporter: but her rec center is now on baltimore's chopping block. this week, the city says park view is one of four closed this summer. the city says, the summers -- centers are too old to keep. >> we know we have an outdated
6:26 pm
system of rec centers that were built for a time that has passed. >> reporter: right now, they are going to build three others. mayor says for years now. >> we are determined to have a state of the art recreation center throughout the city. >> we have our children going. >> for nicholson, that's her biggest fear. in addition to park view. crispus adam. they will shut down as well. without them, nicholson says her grandchildren and the neighborhood kids will fall prey to the streets. >> the streets around here is not going to be safe for our children. they have no options. >> reporter: and baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake plans to dramatically slash spending on rec centers in the coming year. her plan could save the city as much as $11 million. vic, back to you. >> city council president jack young is against the plan to close the four rec centers. still to come. dramatic new video of a deadly
6:27 pm
duck boat crash. what this new footage means for pending lawsuits. you know, i just want everyone to look at it. take a good, long, hard look at it. still hoping their daughter's case remains closed. but the mccann family is fighting on. what they're saying about a few photo of their missing little girl. i'm mike schuh, east baltimore. new security cameras were installed today. how neighbors think that that may help to bring businesses back here. ♪
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it is 6:30. cloudy. 62 degrees. good evening. thanks for staying with wjz. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. hazing charges. five months after the death of a florida a&m university drum major, more than a dozen people are charged. dick brennan has the latest for wjz. >> reporter: authorities in orange county, florida, announce charges against 13 people, in connection with the hazing death of 26-year-old robert champion. >> the majority of those charges are hazing resulting in death. felonies of the third degree.
6:31 pm
>> reporter: champion was a drum major in the marching 100. florida a&m's famed marching band, he was found unresponsive on a band bus, on november 19th of last year. he died a few hours later. investigators say he was beaten during a hazing ritual. >> no one could have expected that his college experience would include being pummeled to death. >> reporter: authorities say there was no one fatal blow. champion suffered bruises to his chest, arm, and back. he went into shock and died of internal bleeding. some of those facing charges have not yet been arrested. and more charges could be filed. >> let me strongly state that i urge anyone who has facts about this homicide to come forth and tell the whole truth. >> reporter: champion's parents say the charges are long overdue. >> when someone loses their life, come to me with a crime, i think it should be punishable. >> reporter: the family has already sued the bus company,
6:32 pm
fabulous coach lines. ask they're also planning to sue the school. >> they are going to have to clean house. they're going to have to step up and do what they know is the right thing to do. >> reporter: just this week, two music prefer-- professors were fired for participating in the hazing. dick brennan, wjz eyewitness news. >> the band's director, dr. julian white, has been on paid administrative leave. his lawyer is requesting full composition from the university. junior seau, one of the greatest linebackers of all time, was found dead inside of his home in oceanside, california. she was found dead of a self- inflicted gunshot wound. playing 15 years on the chargers, dolphins, patriots. junior seau was 43 years old. two hours after president obama makes a surprise visit to the country. mary is live in the newsroom with more on this close scare. >> reporter: a taliban
6:33 pm
spokesperson says the terrorist group launched a suicide car bombing attack after learning that the president was in the country. they say the attack was meant to show that the taliban is still strong and still a threat. despite the violence, the president says the u.s. can see what he called the light of a new day in afghanistan. >> our goal is to destroy al qaeda. and we are on a path to do exactly that. >> combat troops are scheduled to pull out in 2014. but some american forces will remain. >> republican presidential candidate mitt romney praised the president's trip to afghanistan and stressed afghanistan's importance to u.s. security. floating helpless. a duck boat, can killed by a barge. now, video of the accident has been released. alex demetrick has the images and why they've suddenly come to light. >> reporter: the duck boat lost power in the delaware river in 2010. unable to steer or get out of
6:34 pm
the way of a massive barge. the boat's mate jumps overboard in just seconds before the duck boat is hit. leaving 35 tourists to swim for their lives. >> it was a large barge. and it doesn't stop. and we got plowed into the water. >> if you look at the video, not a single passenger was able to successfully get their life preserver on. >> reporter: the issue of life preservers will be a focus, as it was that day. >> how many persons are in the water? >> no idea. no time to truck talk -- talk to you now. going to get the people. >> reporter: if possible, request you throw any life jackets or flotation devices that you could into any persons in the water. >> reporter: during the 12 minutes, passengers were helpless. they were told not to put on life jackets until seconds before they were hit. all but two survived. the bodies of two students were found later. >> every parent wants to know
6:35 pm
why their child died. secondly, they want to make sure it never happens again. >> the captain of the tugboat pushing the barge was sentenced to a year in prison for his part in the accident. police arrest occupy protest overs -- protestors. 26 people were arrested when officers cleared out a vacant building they claimed on mayday. the day marks the spring revival of the occupy movement. protests and marges -- marches took place across the globe. baltimore city says crimes drop by 25% in areas covered by police cameras. mike schuh meets up with the mayor, saz she in-- as she installs the latest batch. >> reporter: police camera video. look at the gun in that guy's hand. >> you can see the gun, the 38- caliber revolver in his left hand. >> reporter: they are showing how useful cameras are here. moments laert, the running man is shot. here's the getaway car. the camera's operator radios
6:36 pm
police on the ground. within a minute, the officer in this car pulls over and arrests the suspects. likewise, police say that their cameras helped in the arrests of those who gave this tourist a beating. >> reporter: now, in east baltimore, a photo op. cameras taking pictures of the installation by the mayor of the newest police camera. this one on harford road. >> they make the residents feel safer. they build confidence in the city's commitment to fight and prevent crime in their neighborhood. >> in the areas where we have crime cameras, crime is down 25%. >> reporter: kept a block away, the unofficial mayors of homestead street, who lived here for a combined 93 years. the camera's effect? >> less break-ins. less holdups. less gun violence. >> reporter: it's time, they say, to turn off this neighborhood sowbd -- soundtrack. >> reporter: if this does drop crime 25%, there are hopes that it will return business here.
6:37 pm
>> one step at a time. >> reporter: this will bring the total number of police cameras in the city of baltimore to 583. in east baltimore, wjz eyewitness news. back to you on tv hill. >> the cot -- the cost of these cameras being is being -- success covered by state and federal funding. plans that would be adjacent to the new columbia wegmans hit a snag. meet a high school athlete who is as skilled on a high school canvas as he is on the lacrosse field. and where you can find fashion for under $100. remember to look for the updated forecast, from wjz's first warning weather team. there are four new adorable editions to the maryland zoo in baltimore. this is our first look at the four wart hog piglets. they were born last month. they are the second litter for kumari. the staff says kumari is being a great mother. and the three girls and one boy appear to be thriving. the public will get a chance to
6:38 pm
see the piglets sometime later this month. i can just put the sound effect in my ear a little. hearing some squeaks. >> slurping. [ laughter ] still to come tonight on wjz wjz -- wjz's eyewitness news. dropping out. newt gingrich. find out who is he is indorsing. out-of-control fight. a fight between customers turns tragic. warmer end of the week. ile have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. and wjz 13 is always on. here are the top stories. for updates on the day's news, and the updated forecast, log onto ,,,,,,,,
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developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering. a cab driver is hit in montral. a video shows a group of people by the cab. the driver is then seen running over one of the men. the victim is in stable condition. the driver is being charged with a number of crimes, including aggravated assault. witnesses say the arguments started when one of the passengers slammed the door too hard. the parents of madeleine mccann say they have renewed hope that their daughter is still alive, after she disappeared five years ago. british police recently
6:42 pm
released this video. they believe the continued interest will bring madeleine back alive. >> i want everyone to take a good, hard look at it and circulate it through as many as possible. i believe it's a good resemblance of what she looks like today. >> reporter: maryland went missing. her parents were first accused but they were later cleared. newt gingrich is officially endorsing mitt romney. >> reporter: newt gingrich ended his run for the white house, with an announcement in his adopted home state of virginia. >> today, i'm suspending the campaign. but suss pending the campaign -- suspending the campaign does not mean suspending citizenship. calista and i are committed to be active citizens. >> reporter: with his wife
6:43 pm
calista by his side, gingrich thanked his supporters for sticking with him, when many had counted him out. gingrich had won the north carolina and georgia primaries. but his campaign soon fell flat. the former house speaker could not keep up in the polls and struggled to raise money. gingrich is dropping out, with his fam wayne, campaign more than $4 million in debt. >> he was one of the harshest critics. now says he's committed to helping the former massachusetts governor, defeat president obama. romney made an appearance, not far away in chantilly, virginia. the former governor spoke in front of small business owners, taking aim at president obama's economic record. >> i will focus on trying to make the environment better for small business. for entrepreneurs. for innovators, for job creators. small businesses. big businesses. middle-sized businesses. democrats say they like a strong community.
6:44 pm
>> he made no mention of gingrich during the event. but the obama campaign released a video, reminding voters what gingrich said about romney during the primary. >> are you calling mitt romney a liar? >> yes. >> reporter: the 68-year-old gingrich has not ruled on the a run for the white house in 2016. but said given his age, it's not likely. in arlington, virginia, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> and stay with wjz for complete coverage of campaign 2012. we'll keep you updated on the candidates and the issues. >> two drunk tourists are fined $1,000 apiece for stealing a penguin from an australian- themed park. two welsh men on vacation admit they broke into the park and swam with the dolphins before stealing the penguin. the suspects were caught when they tried to release the peng wins into a nearby waterway. >> i bet they had been --
6:45 pm
hitting the pub before they stole the penguins. >> yeah. we said they were drunk. >> there we go. scott pelley has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. members of a college band pummeled a drum major to death. today, 13 people have been charged. the latest on the cbs evening news. thanks, scott. here's a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall street. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone likes a bit of order in their life.
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bob says great day to take a nap. but he's not taking one. he's got the forecast. we're taking a live look outside right now. low clouds, covering the region. when will the sun return? meteorologist tim williams and bob turk have the answer. let's begin inside with bob, who is wide awake and tracking storms. bob? >> that severe thunderstorm warning for portions of the washington county. lifted a little while ago. pretty much lifted in virginia and west virginia area. and it continues to move, basically it's moving to the southeast, into virginia. so we're not too concerned about it. across the baltimore region. there you see, moving across harpers ferry, brunswick. and it's weakening as it moves down toward the leesburg area. tim has a look at the forecast.
6:49 pm
>> this pattern stays locked in place. what we will see tomorrow, though, are temperatures going up a little warmer. tonight, we never got quite into the 70s. and warmer than that. but tonight, we go down into the 50s. that's where we start tomorrow. chance of showers throughout the afternoon, and even a chance of thunderstorms. temperatures will get into the 70s. and maybe even low 80s in parts of the area tomorrow. and overnight lows, going back into the 50s and 60s in parts of the rootionz again. for the next five days, we send it in to bob. >> look like we really warm up here on friday. mid-80s. and there will be a risk, both of those days of scattered showers and storms looks like they will begin to dry out. 84. 75 and 74. pleasant there, sunday and monday. denise? >> great. thank you, bob. stir still to come on eyewitness news tonight. harsh punishment. mark has details of suspensions next in sports. when it comes to gardening, we're, well, inexperienced.
6:50 pm
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sad day for the nfl. talking about the risk of concussions repeatedly. fan sports report. >> big news in the nfl. and not pleasant at all. you mentioned it earlier in the show. the dark day for the sports world. with the news of the death of former nfl junior seau.
6:53 pm
that ties the ravens' ray lewis for most ever in the linebacker. police say seau took his own life, apparently. at his home in san diego. he was 43 years old. the other big story. pay for injury scandal. four players are suspended. linebacker will have to sit out the entire season. >> said to have offered $10,000 of his own. now he released a statement, vehemently nede flying the accusation. signed by the ravens today he will get a chance to make the scene in a somewhat upon attempted comeback. started with the ravens 10 years ago.
6:54 pm
also played for carolina and the redskins. baseball and the bronx. going for a second straight win over the yankees, which would give the birds a series victory where they have struggled for more than a decade. last night, a 7-0 win ushered buck showalter in. career victory for showalter. started his managerial with showalter. he is the 58th manager in history to reach 1,000 wins. jake arrieta is a starting pitcher as buck goes for win 1,001. they have allowed three. >> in second place. 7:05 first pitch. you can see the game on masn.
6:55 pm
>> going to have elbow ligament. two-year contract. paying him more than $8 million. >> best case scenario is that he would be able to pitch next year. former oriole brandon schneider has found a new home. he's a texas ranger in the lineup. former first round draft pick goes deep for the first time in his big league career. that's a homer off jays starter, ricky romero. good for schneider. but not good enough for texas. first time this season, the rangers have lost two in a row. post positions drawn. on louisville today. morning line favorite. arkansas derby. voting meister train. starting in gate 6. union rags, the second
6:56 pm
favorite. maryland bay's listed as a 50-1 long shot. derby. that means ,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:57 pm
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>> pelley: tonight, a chinese puzzle. u.s. diplomats hand over an escaped human rights campaigner. but has china reneged on its promise to protect him? david martin reports from washington. holly williams is in beijing. 13 people are charged in the hazing death of a florida a&m drum major. mark strassmann is covering. andy pettitte throws a curve babble in the perjury trial of baseball great roger clemens. chip reid was in the courtroom. and did you ever wonder what the artist was thinking when he painted this? seth doane tells us as "the scream" goes up for auction. >> the presence that that painting has you could just gaze at it for hours. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. what looked like a deft dry yum of american diplomacy has in to


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